Dental Crowns in Higganum: Why Choose Porcelain?

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A dental crown acts as a cap for your tooth, to fix and cover defects that are not pleasing to the eye and are made of a resin, ceramic and porcelain.  Here at your Higganum dental facility, Dr. Keith E. Campbell provides porcelain crowns.  Porcelain crowns are preferred by more dentists worldwide because it can mimic the natural tooth’s function and appearance.

Your teeth may someday require a dental crown.  There are many reasons in which a crown is needed to be fixed to one or some of your teeth.  Among these reasons:

  • Improvement of appearance – tooth color or hard to remove stains and crookedness may be hidden with a crown.
  • Restoration to original function and shape – large tooth decay and deeply broken or chipped teeth can be repaired.
  • Strengthening – weakened teeth or teeth that have undergone a root canal treatment may need a crown to cap and strengthen the tooth.

Porcelain crown are far better than the other types of dental crowns primarily because they can copy the natural color and appearance of an original tooth.  Porcelain crowns may be sought for dental cosmetic reasons but you may seek first the advice of a professional dentist in your area.  Dr. Campbell is a trusted dentist in Higganum who can do a thorough dental examination and properly recommend a crown if that is the right option for you.

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