Composite Fillings Advantages and Safety

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There are different types of fillings used in dentistry today. The dental office of Dr. Keith Campbell chooses to offer composite fillings to its Higganum patients. Composite fillings are highly recommended to repair a tooth invaded by decay or dental fractures.

Amalgam, gold, ceramics and glass ionomer are among the materials used for fillings being offered by varieties of dental facilities today. What makes composite filling unique among the rest of the dental fillings are the following advantages:

  • Can match the natural color of your teeth
  • Can be completed in one single dental visit
  • Can bond directly to the tooth making it stronger
  • Can be used in combination with other materials
  • Less drilling because of the bonding process

Composite fillings are safe and have seen recent advances in their technology. The dental office of Dr. Campbell is in favor with the safety of patients at all times and really make sure that composite materials used for dental fillings are non harmful to the health of patients.

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Composite Fillings Advantages and Safety