Dental Emergency on a Vacation? We’ve Got You Covered!

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Nothing beats a well-planned vacation! While first aid supplies are already a staple for anyone wanting to hit the road, dental emergencies are almost always overlooked. Imagine this: a perfect day in the beach ruined by a bad toothache.

As part of our commitment to provide quality Higganum dental care services, we provide you with the following tips and tricks to dealing with dental emergency while on a vacation!

Dental Emergency Kit

Before you go, why not pack your own dental emergency supply? It is the perfect complement to your first aid kit! Consider packing the following:

  • Floss- It’s not really something for emergency. But we thought you might forget this one for your nightly dental routine.

  • Mouthguards – If your itinerary includes moderate to extreme sports activities, consider taking mouthguards with you. You do not want to come home with knocked out teeth or chipped tooth, do you?

  • Pain Relievers – Pack topical and oral pain relievers for that bad toothache to go away in no time.

  • Sugarless Gums – Sugarless gums are very useful in case you lose a filling. Putting a sugarless gum in the spot will temporarily reduce the pain and stop food particles from filling in the gap.

  • Orthodontic Wax – This is particularly  useful if you have braces or if you’re traveling with someone who has it. Orthodontic wax is used to prevent and treat irritation in your lips, cheeks and gums brought about by braces.

For on-the-spot treatments, you can read our definitive guide to dealing with them in this post.

Pre-Vacation Dental Consultation

One of the best moves you can do to avoid dental emergencies during your vacation is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Campbell weeks or days prior to your scheduled vacation. As we all know, most dental issues occur gradually and early detection and treatment would almost always warrant saving a tooth.

Visit us now for an initial consultation before going on a vacation. There’s a lot of ways to connect with us — via phone, email, or through our Facebook page. Call us now at (860) 345-2282 or fill out this contact form to book an appointment with us. We look forward to your visit!


Dental Emergency on a Vacation? We’ve Got You Covered!