Avoid the Harmful Effects of Teeth Grinding

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Are you grinding your teeth while you are sleeping? This can be an indication of a sleep bruxism also known as nocturnal grinding, but finally teeth grinding in Higganum, CT can now find the best treatment options with Dr. Keith E. Campbell. Some people who grind their teeth don’t have any single idea that they have it. They will just learn that they are a grinder from other people who happen to observe them while they are sleeping.

Teeth grinding is a type of movement that occurs when you are asleep. It is common to occasionally grind or clench your teeth. But, once it becomes more of a habit a proper dental intervention must be promptly done. This is to avoid further complications for your teeth, gums and the jaw.

The adverse effects of Bruxism can either be short term or long term. Short term effect of teeth grinding means that an early dental intervention can still save the the tooth, gum and jaw from the controllable effects that will just cease when the grinding stops. On the other hand, long term effect of teeth grinding can become permanent that can either lead to tooth wear/breakage and worsen to TMJ.

Whether done intentionally or unconsciously, teeth grinding can do the following harmful effects:

  • Tooth enamel damage
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth crack or breakage
  • Gum recession
  • Muscle pain in the jaw or TMJ

There are a number of options in dentistry today to help correct the habit of tooth grinding, specifically the most severe cases. Mouth guards are often prescribed by the dentists as a treatment option for grinding. Dr. Keith Campbell can help you find the suitable treatment either with a helpful dental devices or other treatment methods to help you get in control of this.

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Avoid the Harmful Effects of Teeth Grinding