Beyond Teeth Cleaning in Middletown

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Good dental care habits consists of daily brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing coupled with a regular visit with your dentist. These habits can keep your oral health in tip top shape. If you are a resident of Middletown or Higganum then you can conveniently find your Middletown Family Dentisty with Dr. Keith Campbell. Dr. Keith Campbell is a family dentist in Middletown, CT who can help you keep away from cavities and gum diseases with a dental prophylaxis in his dental clinic.

Prophylaxis or teeth cleaning is highly recommended, twice a year, as a preventative measure for your oral health. Teeth cleaning can bring you more than just a bright and white smile with these health benefits :

  • Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke – inflammation of the gums may trigger inflammation of the heart and getting your teeth professionally cleaned and scraped by your dentist will reduce your risk.
  • Prevention against tooth loss – bleeding gums can be your warning sign for a plaque bacteria buildup that can get into your bloodstream and affect the areas of your body and a possible tooth loss.
  • Identification of health issues – detection of oral cancer, diabetes, kidney problems.
  • Prevention of bad breath.
  • Detection of early dental problems

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Dental Emergencies : Ease Tooth Pain Until You See Your Dentist

A severe tooth pain may be an indicator for a dental emergency in Higganum with Dr. Keith Campbell. Tooth pain should never be ignored and you should learn how to handle it beforehand in case your dentist is not immediately available specially on non business days.

Toothache can be a real pain that can lead to headaches and can prevent your normal activities. So, what you gonna do when your tooth pain hit in weekends and your dentist’s office is not available? There are remedies that you can do at your own to temporarily ease the tooth pain until you will see your dentist soon:

? Rinse your mouth – with lukewarm water or saltwater
? Floss – gently between the teeth to remove any lodged food
? Over the Counter Pain Reliever – take safe pain reliever medications and apply on the affected area a gel or ointment.

Other types of tooth pain causes may call a dental emergency. One of the circumstances that may call an immediate dental attention is when you knocked out a tooth by a car accident or other injuries. In these situations especially when a first aid remedy probably will not help, you can call immediately your dentist or go directly to the ER.

If you happen to live nearby the Higganum dental office of Dr. Campbell and your tooth is loose, broken or out of position, you better call him immediately and do the home remedies to temporarily alleviate some pain.

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Beyond Teeth Cleaning in Middletown