Invisalign Aligner Higganum: Clear, Fittingly Effective & Without Metals

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With advances in dentistry, there seems to be a solution for all sort of dental issues. If you have a set of misaligned teeth or significant gaps between them, you can very well go to your dentist and ask to be installed with braces and brackets. Since the time of your grandpas and grandmas, these metallic devices have proven to be effective in aligning and straightening teeth – given a particular time duration. But then, this is exactly the main problem with braces and brackets: they are metallic, bulky and generally uncomfortable.

Thanks to modern dentistry, there is now a solution to misaligned and widely gapped teeth that requires less hassle and certainly provide more comfort: Invisalign aligner. Instead of bulky metals and injury-threatening brackets, Invisalign is made from an specially durable and virtually invisible type of plastic material. Indeed, this kind of aligner is designed to mimic your natural teeth and smile so that your alignment process is not obvious from other people. People around you would not know you’re wearing aligners unless you tell them so.

Aside from teeth aligning and straightening, Invisalign treatment can correct dental problems that include: Overcrowding (too little space for the teeth to align normally in the mouth); Large Gaps Between Teeth; Crossbite (one or multiple upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth); and Overbite (the upper teeth project further than, or completely cover, the lower teeth).

Experienced and skilled Dentist Dr. Keith Campbell emphasizes the importance of aligning teeth properly, not just for aesthetic reasons, but more on to normalize other oral functions such as chewing, speaking and even smiling. Furthermore, he relates that alignment problem may even lead to more serious dental problems such as tooth decay, TMJ pain and gum diseases.

Upon close evaluation of your specific dental situation, Dr. Campbell may recommend Invisalign Aligner Higganum because of the comfort it provides to patients (it is a customized aligner, after all) and its fast effect to straighten your misaligned teeth.

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Invisalign Aligner Higganum: Clear, Fittingly Effective & Without Metals