7 Top Foods and Drinks that Can Stain your Teeth

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Are you wondering what causes your teeth to discolor? A discolored tooth can be a total turn off and can lessen your self confidence. There is always something remarkable about a smile that sparkles. A healthy white smile can boost confidence and strengthen the self esteem of a person. But as we age, we will begin to notice some discolorations in the teeth. That is why teeth whitening can give the appearance of being youthful.

There are a number of reasons for teeth discoloration. As we age, it is normal that our teeth can appear as a little bit yellower, darker and stained because of some foods and beverages that we consume everyday. At an early age, it is very important to take note and be aware of the foods and beverages that we consume. Foods and beverages can contain pigmented molecules and acidic contents that can potentially stain our teeth.

Below are top foods and beverages that can stain your teeth in the long process and must avoid it’s excessive consumption:

  • Tea – can cause more stains than coffee specially the black variety
  • Sauces – can either be soy sauce, tomato sauce, curry sauce
  • Sports Drinks – can erode the outer layer of your tooth and allow discoloration to set in
  • Wine – both red and white wine are acidic drink
  • Berries – fresh blueberries, blackberries, cherries and ingredients made out of it
  • Colas – can contain enough acids
  • Sweets – may contain coloring agents

Moderation and a balanced diet are the key. Consumption of the above foods and beverages are also beneficial to your health. Minimizing teeth staining requires you to cut back and not cut off your daily consumption with these type of foods and beverages.

A white tooth is perfect and truly brilliant for beautiful smiles. It can boost your mood and lift your spirits. If you check yourself in the mirror and see dingy, stained and yellowed teeth, you can try teeth whitening in Higganum, CT at the dental office of Dr. Keith Campbell. You will feel better with a brilliant white smiles.

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7 Top Foods and Drinks that Can Stain your Teeth