Dental Emergencies: Ease Tooth Pain Until You See Your Middletown Dentist

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Severe tooth pain can be an indicator of a dental emergency. If you find yourself in pain, or with a dental emergency in Higganum, come see Dr. Keith Campbell. Tooth pain should never be ignored and you should learn how to handle it beforehand in case your dentist is not immediately available especially on non-business days.

Toothaches can be extremely painful, so painful that they can lead to headaches and can prevent you from participating in normal activities. So, what you going to do when your tooth pain hist over a weekend? There are remedies that you can do on your own to temporarily ease the tooth pain until you will see your dentist:

  • Rinse your mouth – with lukewarm water or saltwater
  • Floss – gently between the teeth to remove any lodged food
  • Over the Counter Pain Reliever – take safe pain reliever medications and apply on the affected area a gel or ointment.

Other types of tooth pain may also be a dental emergency. One of the circumstances that may call for immediate dental attention is when you knocked out a tooth. In these situations especially when a first aid remedy probably will not help, you can call your dentist or go directly to the ER.

If you happen to live near the Higganum dental office of Dr. Campbell and your tooth is loose, broken or out of position, call him immediately and do the home remedies to temporarily alleviate some pain.

Call Dr. Keith Campbell at 860-345-2282 for dental emergencies!

Dental Emergencies: Ease Tooth Pain Until You See Your Middletown Dentist