Stunning Smile with daVinci Dental Veneers in Higganum

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Do you want to set your crooked teeth straight and transform your smile into pearly whites, or hide your severe tooth defects such as tooth gaps and chips? The dental office in Higganum of Dr. Keith Campbell offers one of a kind daVinci Veneers. An instantly stunning smile transformation can be completed in just two to three dental visits with daVinci veneers in Higganum and the neighboring areas of Connecticut.

daVinci Veneers at the dental facility of Dr. Campbell are available in four different shades to best fit your preference of tooth color. An upper set of teeth with a tooth gap can perfectly be fixed with this type of veneer. daVinci Veneers can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. Severe discolorations of your teeth in which you desperately tried all of the teeth whitening products can be concealed with daVinci Veneers. daVinci veneers are renowned for their durability.

The advantages of daVinci Veneers over the conventional veneers:

  • Highly Stain Resistant
  • Durability
  • Wafer Thin
  • Strong Bond
  • Natural Looking

If you’re living in the Middletown or Higganum Connecticut area and you want to fix your teeth imperfections, Dr. Campbell is the suitable dentist in Higganum that can help with your smile makeover with daVinci veneers. Other options are also available in his dental facility to help everyone achieve a stunning smile.

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Stunning Smile with daVinci Dental Veneers in Higganum