Digital Dental X-Rays

Low-Radiation Digital Radiographs

Digital X-Rays in Higganum, CT - Keith Campbell DMDX-rays have long been a valuable tool in dental diagnostics. X-rays, or radiographs, allow dentists to evaluate teeth and bone for current or impending problems. However, traditional film x-rays have now been replaced by superior technology – digital x-rays.

Dr. Campbell and his team use digital x-rays for several reasons. The first is patient safety. Digital x-rays expose you to far less radiation than conventional x-rays, helping us safeguard your health.

Also, digital x-rays provide a more detailed view of your teeth and other oral structures. The greater resolution and ability to zoom in on suspicious areas aids Dr. Campbell in identifying potential problems and help with treatment planning.

Finally, digital x-rays are faster and more environmentally-friendly than film x-rays. We respect your time, and digital x-rays help us shorten the time you spend in the office.

Digital x-rays are just one of the many tools we use to provide outstanding care for our patients. Please call us at (860) 345-2282 today to set up your appointment.

You’ll love your smile and your visit, too!